Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Interlude (With Gratitude)


I realize it has been a while since we've done an artist feature or review, but that may all change soon.

Look forward to a new, free, downloadable broadcast in the next day or so. I've had my hands and ears full with the organizing of a fantastic new music compilation, but I haven't forgotten about this month's S.M.P!

Just a heads up: Special guest Rick Weaver will be stopping by to record for later broadcast on the show this May! His new solo project is called Four Hands, and we are very stoked about hearing him on the show.

If you ever want to send music for review or any kinds of sounds which you would like to see included in this free podcast series, as always, feel free to send them on down...



Or telepathy is sometimes useful also, though written word has a tendency to keep it's luster for a bit longer.

Appreciate your taking the time to read this!

Best wishes this Spring,

Brigid from S.M.P.