Sunday, June 2, 2013

Future Forecast

Hi podcast listeners and contributors,

Brigid from S.M.P. here, just wanted to let people know I will be doing the show less often, but with extra pizazz from now on. I decided that until I have a better online file-storage system to host shows from, I'd rather just do the show whenever we have a studio session to broadcast.

Hopefully this will do two things in particular: one, make for more regular Mound Of Sound performance recordings, and two, make the show even more concentrated on the newest of the new freshness, with extra attention to the underground classics of recent years also.

I hope you will still be just as excited to hear new shows, and that all of you regulars got a chance to hear the special with Four Hands (Rick Weaver). It's still available as a digital file so grab it while you can, and I'll just let the excitement build for a while while we prepare for the next episode.

Best wishes and luv,

DJ Oxhorn