Thursday, June 28, 2012

Podcast #2: Pre 4th of July Edition!

Porno Jump-Start   
IN TUNE FOR SUMMER 2010           

Club Night Stalker   
Rene Hell   
Cola Heavy Nights Compilation

employees are your best consultants Kindling barnesses internal insight (Duv Version)
Than on eother and you have 0 answers

Mindless Power   
Daily Life   
Necessary and Pathetic   

arcade scene (phase 4)   
Bride of Walk Man           

Fold-The Tale Of Table   
Soft Power   
Aether Jag   
Petra Genetrix EP            
to win back spacer   
Adventure Hippies Comp   

Touch Of Gray   
Nubile Bile   

dogjammin AD   
Self Released

Sweat Spot   
Chronic Spells   
Debi from Curves           

quit yr cryin   
whorish boorish   
Self Released   
Common Cube/Half Alive   
Russian Tsarlag   
There's A Snake In My Cash Register           

sea dream   
Self released

Late Nite Snack   
Laser Poodle   
Self Releaed           

Winter Home
Hurricanes of Love   
Hurricanes of Love / Invisible Circle Spilt           

Morning Rise   
Invisible Circle   
Hurricanes of Love / Invisible Circle Spilt           

against the wall (gatemode attack)    
More Records MP3           

Disruptor Legacy   
Paradoxical Sleep           
Children Of Desire

Some Eggs   
Roundhouse Compilation II           

Skull Bitch
Body Rot   
Tuff Muscle [Cassette]   

Mercedes and Ladies   
Self Released           

Whip In Reach   
Lazy Magnet   
Self Released 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Podcast # 1 is here!!!!!

1 VVAQRT-Hyssopeq-Then and Eother and You Have 0 Answers
2 UNICORN HARD ON-Mongoose-Diamond Habitat
3 J ZAGERS-The Catalyst and The Whisperer-Freedom of Choice Comp
4 MERCHANDISE-Become What You Are-Children of Desire
5 DADS-Invisible Blouse-Invisible Blouse 7"
6 MR TRANSYLVANIA-Live Day Set-Bloodfest 2009
7 White Woods-Groundswell-Night People "Deluxe Double Fold" comp
8 Secret Boyfriend-Skeleton Crew (2nd Version)-Self Released
9 D.I.B.-Sparkle Butt-Some Kind of Hero
10 Fielded- The Pebble Dare-Grave Stadium
11 Catheua-By Flesh And Blood Alone-Adventur e Hippies Tape
12 Pictureplane-Trancegender (Adeptus Remixxx)-Dimensional Rip 7
13 Lazy Magnet- Last Rites April 19th 2012-Self Released
14 Laser Poodle-40 Watts B1-Self Released
15 Roomdance-Sexual Fern Gully-Paradoxical Sleep
16 Moondust+-Post Lady-Self Released
17 Toe Ring-Justified-Timex
18 Skeleton Warrior-Porno World-Luvsik
19. DEEYAY-Gold-Guts/Gold

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daily Life: Providence, RI

Daily Life

Too much talent in one room. Rather, too much talent in one band. Wondering how to combine noise music, classical piano training, New Wave and Industrial influence, sinister narratives, and pitch perfect singing, but still retain the creative and original sound that made people love you in the first place? Without losing your cool or your humility? Ask Daily Life, aka Sakiko Mori and Chris Forgues from Providence Rhode Island how they manage, and if you're lucky they may be willing to share some secrets with you.

Daily Life 7.29.09 Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #20 Turners Falls, MA

Living in a low-key but highly musical place like Providence probably makes a big difference. Chris and Sakiko had both been involved in composing and performing for years before they started this project together, and to me, their previous works shine through in sounds, elements, and structures of Daily Life songs.

Jeremy Harris, of Lazy Magnet and Meager Sunlight is known to play guest guitar in the band, both on tour and in Rhode Island at gigs. Other than him and album guest vocalist Shasta Stone, the band remains a duo primarily with two minimal tables full of electronics facing each other and Chris rolling around on the floor to the tune of Sakiko's synths.

Cover of "Benny & The Jets and more"

You could put "Necessary and Pathetic" (their first full-length vinyl release on Load Records), on any turntable in any home or club, and I bet that no one who didn't already know the group could tell you when the record was made, how many people played on it, etc. It's timeless, but still completely current and appropriate to our mass media hog, culture-jamming generation.

So far, I have the Glass Coffin flexi-disc, a vinyl copy of Necessary and Pathetic, and still, a growling aching in my core for more Daily Life. Everything I've ever heard I've loved. I'm still hoping to catch up on some of their previous releases on cassette, but that's for another day. Today, I am here to tell you to dig this band, you'll thank me later, maybe.

Arousal and Dreams

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On The Horizon!

Lots of new features on the way, and the first Sorry Mom Podcast is being assembled as I type this. Debating whether to make it a streaming archive or an MP3 download, but it will be free either way and up on the web quite soon.

Still in the process of setting things up and getting in touch with more artists. Can't wait! Stickers, mascot, and great stuff to listen to on the way.

Also, I am not moving as soon as I thought most likely, so I'm able to continue hosting my 2-4 am radio show for WMNF 88.5 fm as well. If you like the music I write about, feel free to check out Freedom of Choice on the archives here:

See you in Radioland!!!!!


( or

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Merchandise: Tampa, FL

Merchandise, The Band

It can be tough to know where to start when writing about a band who you know really well and love. How not to be biased, gushing, overly proud, etc. But I'm gonna go for it anyways. I'm not the first, and I won't be the last. This Sorry Mom segment is about Merchandise, rockers from my hometown of Tampa, Florida.

I Locked The Door

From Dads, to Merchandise, to Neon Blud, to D Vassalotti aka ( ), it's no secret I'm a huge fan of all things Cult Maternal/Soft Languages/Katorga Works related. Especially of that which relates to said projects.
It's such a treat to be able to see bands evolve over a span of time, going from minimalist three piece vocal, drum, guitar, and bass band for example into a full-on dance/electronic ensemble with live instrumentation. Not that I or Merchandise necessarily believe drums are "passe", but let's just assume they chose the drum machine and sampler route because it's less stuff to carry, and damn, the songs sure sound good like that.

Merchandise - Time from Id House Vid. Group on Vimeo.


Carson and co have been glad to lend me a track for several projects. Whenever I have been able to assemble compilations, all of which so far have been done in benefit for WMNF 88.5 fm community radio during fund drives, Dads, Merchandise, and Dry County to go back a few years, have all been more than happy to help me, and thus the listeners, by sharing their music for this purpose.

Now that our paths are crisscrossing back and forth for at least parts of tours every year, I have to wonder, how have these folks kept their edge, stayed creative and productive, and not sacrificed their integrity in the process? Practice, I'll go ahead and guess. Mostly sunny weather, good friends, and a whole lot of dedication would be the next contenders.

The new album (which has yet to oust their last effort from regular rotation in my DJ log) is fantastic and really beautifully mixed, and has been growing on me more and more as I keep listening. I dug it from the beginning, but now I can hear the core elements of why I love Merchandise within the cleaner, more hi-fi styled production and gently personal, crooning lyricism. Total perfect follow up to Strange Songs(In The Dark).

Download Link to Children of Desire:
Children of Desire

And since all of my favorite Tampa dance ballads of the new decade are probably on or inspired by their last full length, here's a link to that too, courtesy of course of icoulddietomorrow, a page where you can find all kinds of reviews and downloads, including all of Merch's previous full lengths leading up to their last two records.

Download link to Strange Songs:
Strange Songs (In The Dark)

If you'd like to know more about what these folks are up to, check out their website, with frequent new video and tour schedule updates, or just keep your ear to the ground, and they'll probably be traveling through your ville before you know it. 

I'm gonna miss them something crazy when I move. But I'll probably get to see them on their next world tour. I'll see if I can make that a request.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Roomdance: Columbia, SC

This May, I had the lovely opportunity to stop by the Space Idea Tapes HQ and to play music with some fantastic Columbia, South Carolina bands. Everyone's set was killer, and I finally got to catch back up on some tape listening when I got back to Florida last week.

Roomdance is the solo project of Charles Knight (who has been putting music/love into the world via Space Idea Tapes for some time now), and he was one of the folks I got to hear that night.

Disruptor Legacy

Just really becoming immersed in the raw, soulful/confessional lyrics, paired with sick 80's reminiscent beat patterns and synth lines, all so carefully woven and spread out in the sound spectrum like a secret, unexpected winning hand in a card game.

Pop yes, bubble gum, not exactly. More like music to bring on the heartache, heartbreak, solid and simple. Also, music to unwind to. But of course, I'd love for you to have a listen/watch for yourself.

Outside Boy

Also, here's a compilation of Roomdance tunes from 2007-2010, now sold out, but still up for a spin:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Frances With Wolves: St Louis, MO


Endless Night:

Drifting over a sea of scrap metal, ambitiously floating towards a silver cloud cerebellum into some kind of dream combination of new wave and tape-hiss style bedroom recordings, Frances With Wolves will take you there and probably drop you off in the middle of a fuzzy vocal/keyboard harmony, just a few frets past the line between imagination and real life.
If I got to turn the clock around and choose any night in the last month to revisit from the time when I was out on the road playing music shows, I would probably choose May 22nd at Momo in St Louis, mostly for selfish reasons, so I could have bootlegged the show to tape, and felt a little more concrete about events that transpired.

I know I was there, but the atmosphere created, (Larva Lu, Frances With Wolves, No Milk~my solo thing~, and Diner Music) really left me feeling like I was peering into a secret hub of subconscious St Louis artistry, and not necessarily of this world.

Here are three videos from the show we played together. A set from Larva Lu, and also some of my solo stuff are online too on Graham & Steve's youtube channel if you'd like to check those out.

Frances With Wolves at Momo, Pts 1-3: