Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daily Life: Providence, RI

Daily Life

Too much talent in one room. Rather, too much talent in one band. Wondering how to combine noise music, classical piano training, New Wave and Industrial influence, sinister narratives, and pitch perfect singing, but still retain the creative and original sound that made people love you in the first place? Without losing your cool or your humility? Ask Daily Life, aka Sakiko Mori and Chris Forgues from Providence Rhode Island how they manage, and if you're lucky they may be willing to share some secrets with you.

Daily Life 7.29.09 Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #20 Turners Falls, MA

Living in a low-key but highly musical place like Providence probably makes a big difference. Chris and Sakiko had both been involved in composing and performing for years before they started this project together, and to me, their previous works shine through in sounds, elements, and structures of Daily Life songs.

Jeremy Harris, of Lazy Magnet and Meager Sunlight is known to play guest guitar in the band, both on tour and in Rhode Island at gigs. Other than him and album guest vocalist Shasta Stone, the band remains a duo primarily with two minimal tables full of electronics facing each other and Chris rolling around on the floor to the tune of Sakiko's synths.

Cover of "Benny & The Jets and more"

You could put "Necessary and Pathetic" (their first full-length vinyl release on Load Records), on any turntable in any home or club, and I bet that no one who didn't already know the group could tell you when the record was made, how many people played on it, etc. It's timeless, but still completely current and appropriate to our mass media hog, culture-jamming generation.

So far, I have the Glass Coffin flexi-disc, a vinyl copy of Necessary and Pathetic, and still, a growling aching in my core for more Daily Life. Everything I've ever heard I've loved. I'm still hoping to catch up on some of their previous releases on cassette, but that's for another day. Today, I am here to tell you to dig this band, you'll thank me later, maybe.

Arousal and Dreams

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