Thursday, June 7, 2012

Frances With Wolves: St Louis, MO


Endless Night:

Drifting over a sea of scrap metal, ambitiously floating towards a silver cloud cerebellum into some kind of dream combination of new wave and tape-hiss style bedroom recordings, Frances With Wolves will take you there and probably drop you off in the middle of a fuzzy vocal/keyboard harmony, just a few frets past the line between imagination and real life.
If I got to turn the clock around and choose any night in the last month to revisit from the time when I was out on the road playing music shows, I would probably choose May 22nd at Momo in St Louis, mostly for selfish reasons, so I could have bootlegged the show to tape, and felt a little more concrete about events that transpired.

I know I was there, but the atmosphere created, (Larva Lu, Frances With Wolves, No Milk~my solo thing~, and Diner Music) really left me feeling like I was peering into a secret hub of subconscious St Louis artistry, and not necessarily of this world.

Here are three videos from the show we played together. A set from Larva Lu, and also some of my solo stuff are online too on Graham & Steve's youtube channel if you'd like to check those out.

Frances With Wolves at Momo, Pts 1-3:


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