Saturday, June 9, 2012

Roomdance: Columbia, SC

This May, I had the lovely opportunity to stop by the Space Idea Tapes HQ and to play music with some fantastic Columbia, South Carolina bands. Everyone's set was killer, and I finally got to catch back up on some tape listening when I got back to Florida last week.

Roomdance is the solo project of Charles Knight (who has been putting music/love into the world via Space Idea Tapes for some time now), and he was one of the folks I got to hear that night.

Disruptor Legacy

Just really becoming immersed in the raw, soulful/confessional lyrics, paired with sick 80's reminiscent beat patterns and synth lines, all so carefully woven and spread out in the sound spectrum like a secret, unexpected winning hand in a card game.

Pop yes, bubble gum, not exactly. More like music to bring on the heartache, heartbreak, solid and simple. Also, music to unwind to. But of course, I'd love for you to have a listen/watch for yourself.

Outside Boy

Also, here's a compilation of Roomdance tunes from 2007-2010, now sold out, but still up for a spin:

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