Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Merchandise: Tampa, FL

Merchandise, The Band

It can be tough to know where to start when writing about a band who you know really well and love. How not to be biased, gushing, overly proud, etc. But I'm gonna go for it anyways. I'm not the first, and I won't be the last. This Sorry Mom segment is about Merchandise, rockers from my hometown of Tampa, Florida.

I Locked The Door

From Dads, to Merchandise, to Neon Blud, to D Vassalotti aka ( ), it's no secret I'm a huge fan of all things Cult Maternal/Soft Languages/Katorga Works related. Especially of that which relates to said projects.
It's such a treat to be able to see bands evolve over a span of time, going from minimalist three piece vocal, drum, guitar, and bass band for example into a full-on dance/electronic ensemble with live instrumentation. Not that I or Merchandise necessarily believe drums are "passe", but let's just assume they chose the drum machine and sampler route because it's less stuff to carry, and damn, the songs sure sound good like that.

Merchandise - Time from Id House Vid. Group on Vimeo.


Carson and co have been glad to lend me a track for several projects. Whenever I have been able to assemble compilations, all of which so far have been done in benefit for WMNF 88.5 fm community radio during fund drives, Dads, Merchandise, and Dry County to go back a few years, have all been more than happy to help me, and thus the listeners, by sharing their music for this purpose.

Now that our paths are crisscrossing back and forth for at least parts of tours every year, I have to wonder, how have these folks kept their edge, stayed creative and productive, and not sacrificed their integrity in the process? Practice, I'll go ahead and guess. Mostly sunny weather, good friends, and a whole lot of dedication would be the next contenders.

The new album (which has yet to oust their last effort from regular rotation in my DJ log) is fantastic and really beautifully mixed, and has been growing on me more and more as I keep listening. I dug it from the beginning, but now I can hear the core elements of why I love Merchandise within the cleaner, more hi-fi styled production and gently personal, crooning lyricism. Total perfect follow up to Strange Songs(In The Dark).

Download Link to Children of Desire:
Children of Desire

And since all of my favorite Tampa dance ballads of the new decade are probably on or inspired by their last full length, here's a link to that too, courtesy of course of icoulddietomorrow, a page where you can find all kinds of reviews and downloads, including all of Merch's previous full lengths leading up to their last two records.

Download link to Strange Songs:
Strange Songs (In The Dark)

If you'd like to know more about what these folks are up to, check out their website, with frequent new video and tour schedule updates, or just keep your ear to the ground, and they'll probably be traveling through your ville before you know it.


I'm gonna miss them something crazy when I move. But I'll probably get to see them on their next world tour. I'll see if I can make that a request.

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