Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mid Year's Resoltuions/Broadcast Update

Hello guys and dolls!!!

I appreciate all the music, and feedback (constructive and otherwise), people have given to this web project and podcast. I mean this in all seriousness, now!

As I sweat my brains out at my practice space, reviewing stuff in the works, and writing this to you for a post later, I feel like time traveling, or maybe something good has come over me, I don't know what exactly. Stop me if I start to go crazy now, I think I can hold it together.

My point is, I care too much and don't share enough. This has been the case for years. I'm tired of that way of living and I want it to end. And so it does.

In this new chapter of my life, I request the following of myself, and of you, bored web hunter in search of a musical tidbit:

1. Make this all worthwhile. We live in some kind of halted universe, everyone's afraid of tipping over, no one wants to roll the dice just yet. Is it fear of 2012? I mean, every time I saw my zipper in 2009 I got shaky in my shoes for Y2K, so I guess I can understand... but I say party now, worry about it later.

<<<==P.S. To me, you should know, this means not much more than some strong coffee, a place to myself to think, and knowing I can escape seclusion later. So if you're lucky, a party like mine ain't hard to find.

2. Working out all volume/technical levels to my satisfaction (all this will require of you is listening), with these web broadcasts. It's tricky getting one hour & forty five minutes worth of music into a two hour broadcast, with talk in-between. And all leveled out, whilst still being respectful of the original fidelity of the recordings. I'm working on it, with limited software, but great patience! I think third time's a charm?

3. Being generous and sincere about supporting these artists who I've written about and featured in these dumpster dove (thanx Hesikia Shitnut for the metaphor), playlists/archives. And never making one cent from any of this myself, but hopefully not losing too many on being sucked into making this happen! Just kidding.

With this, also, staying in touch with folks I know to see who's down to send stuff for a later episode and never assuming just cause we traded discs 3 years ago you're up for being broadcast here, you know?

Be my penpal, tell me what you think of all this mess:

Episode #3 should be out before mid July. Two new per month, and they'll be up for about  four months a piece. Get 'em wile they're hot!

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